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We have devised innovative project management methodologies that ensure on-time and high quality software delivery of large and complex projects. These methodologies have won wide international acclaim and recognition, and have been published in leading global Project Management magazines and conferences, like PM Network magazine, PMI Global Congresses, etc. –

  1. Identify and deal with your "Negative Boss" and "Negative Peer Managers", PMI Global Congress 2012 – North America, Vancouver, Canada.
  2. Practitioner Devised Methodology for Managing Projects, PMI Global Congress 2010 - Asia Pacific, Melbourne, Australia.
  1. Change the Paradigm of Managing Software Services Projects, PMI Global Congress 2010 - EMEA, Milan (alternate).
  2. Top Five Challenges in Running Offshore Development Centres, PMI Asia Pacific e-Link, May 2011.
  3. The Risks of Outsourcing – Know them and what to do about them, PM Network, November 2011 (interview).
  4. The Top Five Mistakes in running Offshore Development Centres, PMI India Conference 2010.
  5. Learn to Identify and Deal With your “Negative Boss” and “Negative Peer Managers”, PMI India Conference 2011.