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Mobile Advertising Knowledge Processing Product

The global Mobile Advertising market is growing at a fast pace. The revenues from mobile advertising are estimated to cross USD 3.5 billion in 2010 and are expected to show strong growth over the next five years. The 2015 market is projected to reach USD 24 billion.

This market growth creates a big opportunity for global mobile operators to generate high revenues and for mobile advertisers to capitalise on their advertising inventory. Mobile operators are looking for multiple means of monetising their available subscriber base inventory and attracting large advertisers. Mobile Advertisers are looking for tools that help them design the right and targeted mobile advertising strategies that result in high responses from the subscribers.

mCalibre’s unique Mobile Advertising Knowledge Processing product provides the desired solution for both the mobile operators and mobile advertisers. We have conducted painstaking study and research on the unique characteristics and requirements of mobile advertising. Based on this research, we have developed an innovative patent-pending Knowledge Processing product.

The product provides a range of features that allow a mobile operator to monetise its subscriber inventory in multiple fashions. These capabilities help the operator convince key mobile advertisers to advertise through their mobile network, as compared to other operators. mCalibre also handles the business role of winning mobile advertisers as customers for the operators, significantly adding to the revenues of the operator.

The product implements algorithms that allows the Mobile Advertiser to devise the right Mobile Advertising Strategy to increase response probability from its subscriber base. Further, these advertisers desire a host of new features currently unavailable with existing Mobile Advertising Platforms. Our product provides such features to significantly improve the advertising capabilities of the advertisers. The net result is that the Mobile Advertisers can now target lesser subscribers and still get high responses to their mobile advertisements. These benefits convert to higher revenues at lesser cost of advertisements, leading to significantly high ROI for advertisers.

We have successfully demonstrated the capabilities of our product by improving responses to promotions being made on a key mobile operator network. Our algorithms have been able to predict top subscribers of the operator who would have high responses to promotions. The actual responses from these subscribers were measured over a period of three months and were determined to be ten times higher than earlier responses. Hence, one can now target significantly lesser number of subscribers and still get very high responses

IPTV Advertising Knowledge Processing Product

IPTV Advertising has seen good growth in the recent years and the market is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years.

mCalibre’s IPTV Advertising Knowledge Processing product provides a range of features that significantly improve responses to all modes of IPTV Advertising - Linear Ad. Insertion, EPG Portal Banners, Overlay Ads., Scrolling Text Ads., VoD Insertion Ads., Interactive Ads., Telescoping Ads., etc.

mCalibre also handles the business role of winning advertisers as customers for the IPTV operators, significantly adding to the revenues of the operator.