The Knowledge Processing Experts™

Company The Knowledge Processing Experts™



We are a strong Knowledge Processing software company with high-end innovative products for global markets and offering software services to key global customers.

We take pride in ourselves as being innovators-

  • In devising new technologies and products
  • In devising new management methodologies for executing our projects

In the technology domain, we have developed a patent-pending Mobile Advertising Knowledge Processing software product that introduces innovative algorithms significantly improving responses to mobile advertisements. Our product introduces a range of new features that increases the revenue and ROI for both, the mobile operators and mobile advertisers.

In the management domain, we have devised innovative project management methodologies that significantly improve management processes, employee productivity, quality of project deliverables and project execution schedules. We achieve higher customer satisfaction from our global customers by executing our software services projects using these methodologies. Our innovative management methodologies have won wide international acclaim, acceptability and recognition. The work has been widely disseminated through our global publications and presentations in PMI Global Congress and other leading international project management conferences.

We are head quartered in India where our strong software team resides. We operate globally through our marketing partner companies in Europe and Japan.